The Story So Far

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Black Mountains Preserves began through an interest in the restoration of the water powered flour mill in Talgarth, Powys, near where we live. This lead to a meeting with a team of keen bakers who were starting a cafe at the mill whereupon I offered to make them some jam to go with their delicious bread. As it turned out I found I hadn't enough raspberries; I had, what I now realise was a brain wave, to add redcurrants. The zingy combination of Raspberry and Redcurrant Jam was born and is now our best seller. These interesting flavour combinations are part of what makes Black Mountains Preserves so special.

The next preserves I made were Blackcurrant and Apple Jam, Plum Chutney and Rhubarb and Ginger Jam using fruit from our garden. Friends and neighbours began offering me their surplus produce, unusual things like quinces and damsons. This lead to the creation of Quince and Lemon Jelly and Damson with Juniper Jelly.

While an abundant wild harvest of elderberries, crab apples and sloes foraged from the fields around our home prompted the creation of Hedgerow Jelly, a hit with everyone who tries it. Old favourites Plum Jam, Redcurrant Jelly and Seville Orange Marmalade complete our range.

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"Homemade in the Mountains" sums up our ethos which is to produce jams and chutneys from ingredients grown in our garden or locally sourced as far as possible. We think our preserves are special because of the unusual combinations of flavours and the fact that we use only sugar, fruit and flavourings in their hand made production.

When we retired to live at a remote cottage on the Black Mountains we had no idea that we'd be running a kitchen table business with ten different products. From the initial outlet at Talgarth Mill we now distribute to local outlets as well as shops in London, Shrewsbury, Oxford, Rye and Lewis. These customers have come to us by recommendation because they like what we do. We hope you do too.